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I have recently graduated from the Glasgow School of Art with a BA honours in silversmithing and jewellery. My initial idea for the work was carried on from two pieces that I had included in an exhibition that we had at the art school in third year. All the jewellery in this exhibition was designed to relate to the heading Glimpses. The inspiration for these was taken from photograph off-cut strips that I discovered one day whilst developing pictures. I was amazed at the volume of colour ,detail and texture that I found in each strip. Also each strip was personal to the individual whose pictures they came from. This provided an insight into the lives of these people and I thought it seemed appropriate to use this as an idea for the Glimpses project.

Concept based Jewellery

I decided that there was much more scope for development with the strips so I used them as a basis for my degree show work. I knew I had to also have some sort of other aspect to research and develop. The strips could be used as a material and concept but lacked shape and form to pull ideas and designs from. I then decided to research vintage cameras, taking shapes and developing designs from there, using the strips as a constant material. I have always enjoyed acrylic jewellery so I learned how to use the Rhino program on the computer so I could draw out my designs digitally and cut them on the laser cutter. I loved this because it allowed me to be prolific and work in colour which was of great importance to me.

Most of the pieces were made this way, mostly with a sterling silver back, glued, riveted and pinned in. I looped the strips around pins and pressed them into foam balls and set precious stones such as diamonds, saphire and amethyst using silver tube settings into the acrylic. The precious and non-precious comparison was important to the work.

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