Emma Boxall Gray

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Enthused by my portfolio I am inspired by the free flowing energy my drawings contain. I am fascinated by the ongoing construction work of surrounding building sites and how they encapsulate an industrial quality. Experimenting with mono-printing, collaging and spray painting has allowed me to capture their qualities and translate their lines into my own work.

Jewellery Designer & Maker

In my practical work I am inspired by the urban environment. I am particularly interested in texture, colour, scale, mood and perspective. Growing up in Edinburgh and having widened my travels to northern Europe, I have been inspired by many interesting buildings. Ornate windows; doors and brickwork have become a characteristic focus and starting point for my work. Colour also compliments my sense of fun and enjoyment whilst making the pieces, it allows me to see how it can change and alter the mood of a piece from its application.

My work is primarily made using oxidised and unoxidised wire and coloured acrylics. I use wire to create linear structures in order to replicate the same quality as my drawn lines. To add contrast to these structures I use coloured non precious materials similar to everyday objects found within the urban environment.

I wish to further my work exhibiting in galleries whilst also working to bespoke commission.

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