Gill Ross

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A passion for drawing has given my work a strong illustrative quality. Often I am struck by traditional architecture and how its quirky characteristics vary from place to place. Using photography, drawing and painting, I aim to capture the characteristics of these kooky buildings such as the subtle markings on weathered stones.

Translating these drawings and paintings into jewellery, etching allows for me to draw directly onto the metal and use of enamel gives my work hints of colour, relating these pieces back to my paintings.

Illustrated Books and Jewellery

By layering etched metal, depth is created within the pieces. Kum-boo, a heat gilding process allows for decoration and etched details in the silver to be highlighted in gold. Kum-boo decoration also extends to the backs of these pieces, giving attention to parts of the jewellery that are not always noticed.

Pieces are created for both men and women and commissions are welcomed.

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