Helaina Sharpley

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I have always liked a nice cup of tea! However, it wasn’t until I started my degree course, that I realised I had such a passion verging on obsession, for everything tea related. I believe tea is a drink for every occasion, from a homely, comforting cuppa, to a proper English afternoon tea. Therefore every tea set every mug or cup and saucer can tell a different tale.

I began looking into the Victorian and Edwardian eras, when tea drinking was a refined and elegant occasion. I discovered that the architecture of these times (and also the art deco era) were also a major inspiration. Architecture has now become a major focus in my work.

2-d WIre Work

The love of old architecture led me onto creating very linear drawings using pen and ink, to capture the intricate details of the buildings. And this is how I began using wire as another drawing material. All the pieces I now create start as pen and ink drawings, to be then translated into 2D/3D wire work.

More recent work has begun to concentrate on grandfather clocks and pocket watches. The elegance of these objects translates well into the wire and the application of function into these pieces has added another level to my work.

All my pieces are unique and one offs, and therefore this allows versatility and I welcome commissions.

I hope my wire work illustrates the fun and elegance of my most loved past time!

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