Julie Chapman

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Julie attended Edinburgh College of Art from 2006 - 2009, graduating from the B.A (Hons.) Design and applied arts(glass) course. Julie has attended a range of masterclasses, including:

2008 Janusz pozniak/Tobias Mohle masterclass, Northlands creative glass, Caithness

2007 Bullseye Forum, Northlands creative glass, Caithness.

2006 Dick Marquis masterclass, Northlands creative glass.

2006 Tessa Clegg masterclass, Northlands creative glass.

2005 Klaus Moje masterclass, Northlands creative glass.

2004 Steve Klein masterclass, Northlands creative glass.

2003 Jessica Loughlin masterclass,Northlands creative glass

"My present body of work talks about the relationship of mother and child. This narrative evokes strong emotions within me containing sentiments of protection, unconditional love but also independence, freedom and trust.

When researching, I am always interested in discovering a balance of ideas.

Most narratives have more than one point of reference for me. It is about forming an idea and pushing it in a personal direction, expanding it, covering all angles until equilibrium is established.

Working with glass allows me to express this sense of balance. It permits equal measures of chaos and grace. Even though the finished pieces can seem graceful, the process can be quite chaotic. I find this stimulating. I have to treat glass more as a working partner than a material. Although glass can be manipulated, without respect it makes its own rules and is always ready to mess you up.

My main area of practice is kiln forming. Recently I have taking fused tiles from the kiln and giving them another dimension by rolling the hot tiles made from sheet glass onto blowpipes and blowing them into form in the hot shop."

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