Juliet Buchanan-Jardine

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Juliet graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2009

After working at Chelsea Harbour Design Centre in London last summer, I have been inspired by all the high-end companies such as Romo, Cole and Son and Zoffany, by the style and elegance of their prints.

My degree collection is a variety of wallpapers and fabrics aimed at the high end of the interior furnishing market for both city and country homes.

Textiles and Wallpapers for Interiors

My work is stimulated by the pure splendour and elegance of a flowers’ natural beauty. I have focused on the traditional two colour tonal print as inspiration and adapted the technique to create a more contemporary approach to suit modern styles.

I have studied both the silhouette and detail of a flower and experimented with the positive and negative effects created when only using two or three colours.

To balance the collection, a range of designs focus on the simple one colour print of the structure and detail of a flower, and a further selection are based on the more graphical, positive and negative idea.

With my target market in mind, I have worked on the finest of fabrics such as silk, fine cotton and leather to suit the customers’ sophisticated and deluxe style

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