Sheila Barr

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Sheila Barr was born in Glasgow and studied Architectural Glass at Edinburgh College of Art.

Since graduating in 2006, Sheila designs and makes contemporary , kiln formed pieces from her workshop on the Isle of Arran. Working with handblown English Antique Glass, Sheila uses the range of vibrant colours to convey the varying light and colour seen in the surrounding landscape throughout the year, and works to express the mood and atmosphere of the island.

Kiln Formed Glass

Each original piece combines multiple layers of colour and detail that are fused together in the kiln, a process which creates the most intriguing natural bubbles and organic lines, some of which are quite unpredictable.

Sheila’s work aims to capture the rich quality of the area, and twist the notion of Scottish Landscape art. The range includes free standing pieces, ideal on a window sill or in front of a lamp, lightboxes, perfect for internal spaces, and larger leaded panels combining traditional stained glass techniques with contemporary kiln fused glass.

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