Virginia Graham

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My attention is drawn to the collector who consciously hoards objects. I make teapots and tea services because they are the ultimate in collectable ceramics; they are also ordinary objects that are instantly recognisable to the onlooker.

I am fascinated by the way in which these objects; that were originally

intended for use, are so often collected and displayed behind glass never to be used for fear of betraying their newfound status.I use a combination of slip casting and hand building techniques to create forms with many components, often recreating objects and placing them out of context. For example, I frequently use a tap as a mug handle or a teapot lid. Their surfaces make reference to utilitarian wares from industrial ceramic history, including mochaware, cornishware and blue and white porcelain. Floral transfers, metallic lustre’s and found objects are the finishing touches to create eclectic pieces that are precious and collectable yet ordinary and familiar.

I began my studio practice in 2000 after graduating from UWIC in Cardiff with a BA(Hons) in Ceramics. I am still based in Cardiff, currently working from Fireworks Clay Studios; a self managed ceramic artists cooperative.


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