Our Vision is to establish long-term partnerships with all stakeholders and to be recognised as a vibrant, successful, cultural centre for applied arts and the leading community led craft and design initiative in Scotland.


The central purpose and role of West Kilbride Community Initiative Ltd is to support Craft Town Scotland as a vibrant community of makers and deliver an on-going programme of activities with the involvement of all stakeholders as well as residents and visitors.


The main aims have developed over the years and focus on four main areas of activity, with specific objectives underpinning each area:

Arts & Cultural Development

  • To have West Kilbride recognised for supporting quality and distinctiveness in craft and design
  • To stimulate wider interest in the arts, crafts and design and provide a basis for community learning and participation
  • To provide studio space and gallery outlets for graduate and professional makers
  • To develop a major regional facility that provides craft exhibitions, education and events
  • To support other artistic and cultural initiatives into the town, to complement the established craft businesses


Community Development

  • To reinstate West Kilbride town centre and support its role as a thriving hub of community life
  • To co-ordinate and focus the (already strong) community spirit in the town
  • To refresh the town centre community by the influx of new businesses and activity
  • To facilitate community management of the project


Econonic Development

  • To provide a visitor attraction which will generate new and sustain existing businesses
  • To create an environment in which retail outlets can be established as sustainable businesses
  • To generate new business for existing retailers
  • To attract new and better quality service businesses
  • To create additional employment opportunities for residents


Built Environment

  • To preserve and enhance the townscape of West Kilbride
  • To breathe new life into historic buildings
  • To maintain the balance between retaining existing retail presence and residential use of town centre properties