West Kilbride Trust

West Kilbride Community Trust WKCT was established in 2005  in order to disburse wind farm community funds to local groups.  Those involved in initial discussions were required by the wind companies to set up a formal structure and rigorous procedures to ensure clarity and accountability.  Although they did not register as a separate charity they devised a Memorandum to ensure agreed organisation and sense of purpose, in common with many other community groups.

In order to ensure another level of formality for their proceedings the Trust remained as part of WKCIL for Annual Returns, auditing situations and approval of any of their decisions had to be sought from the wind farm companies, and then by the Board WKCIL.

When money is received by the Trust it is advertised and applications are invited from community groups. Applicants are requested to complete an application form and to provide estimates along with their paper work.

All applications are then considered at a formal meeting of the Trustees and allocations are decided and sent out to successful applicants.  In common with many other funding organisations the Trust does not issue its reasons for an application being refused.

Once the funding allocation have been approved by due process they are published on the village’s local notice board, on local Facebook pages and a paper copy is attached to the Community Council minutes in the relevant month.