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The ‘Essential Essence’ series is a development from ‘Following the Stars’; the idea that journeys stay with us, subtly altering who we are and how we perceive ourselves. ‘Tellus’ is the first in this series of sculptures that draws on the idea of a visceral response to places in the landscape. Initially the notion was that these places were simply atmospheric, overwhelming, majestic or, to my eye, simply beautiful. However I began to realise there were placed which could be considered majestic and awe-inspiring, but that there was no gut response to. The possibility of ancestral memory began to occur to me. Through conversation this has also raised the idea that it’s the land that remembers and evokes this response from me. Whatever it is, I cannot fully explain it… but I know it‘s happening.

Frances Clark Sculpture

Opening Times:
Thursday – 11am to 4pm
Friday & Saturday – 10.30am to 4pm
Out of studio Saturday 13/07/ 2019 

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  • Studio 117, 117 Main Street, West Kilbride, KA23 9AR

Using clay as my primary modelling medium, I explore my interest in both the human condition and our visceral connection to the landscape. My investigations focus on figurative sculpture, exploring our relationship with ourselves, others and the environment. Through my work I hope to explore fragmented memories of our passage through time and the landscape. I want to try to give substance to a moment or feeling that’s on the periphery of our consciousness, it’s there but elusive, we have trouble grasping it, holding on to it.

Currently my completed works are in resin, ceramic and mixed media.

Frances Clark Iron Resin Stag Sculpture with Rusted Iron Resin Antlers 10 of 10
Following the Stars, Aluminium Resin Sculpture 3/3, Frances Clark
Tellus, Stoneware mixed media Sculpture, Frances Clark