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Owl by Louise Nelson Glassdaft

Louise Nelson – Glassdaft


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Thursday to Saturday 11am to 4pm

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My journey with glass began in 1995. It all started by chance with a part time job in a stained glass studio, the amazing sheets of colour really had a profound effect. Over 20 years later I still marvel at the colours and how sunlight affects them.
However, I became disheartened with stained glass in the late 1990′ as all the cheap imported lamps flooded the market and like many skilled crafts people before me I struggled to compete.
Having experimented with fusing for a while I found it a bit slow and not being able to get involved with the hot glass as it started to move frustrating. After hearing about Lampworking, working with small amounts of hot glass using a bench mounted gas torch, I found a weekend course and my new obsession took hold.
Lampworking has proved to be the “key stone” for my current work. Creating glass shapes in front of my eyes is akin to painting with glass and it enables me to add the small detail that stained glass alone can not provide.
The copper wire sculptural structures emerged initially as a need to elevate and display the lamp work birds. Copper trees were a natural companion for the birds then other sculptural forms started to appear providing my work with an ever changing set of possibilities.