9th April – 5th June 2016

Artist Deirdre Nelson explores The Kildas (Scotland, New Zealand and Melbourne Australia) in this exhibition, which focuses on the people of present day St Kildas.

The two names of the island group Hirte and St Kilda , have aroused discussion and controversy for over 200 years and much studying of maps and books can be done to investigate their origins. One fact is clear - there is no ‘Saint’ Kilda.

Deirdre celebrates contemporary ‘Saint’ Kildans with a series of crafted awards which celebrate people/‘saints’ she has met along the way. The project links both past and present, north and south and the people who inhabit the Kildas. The project presents a contemporary insight into St Kildas rather than the often over romanticised view of the Scottish island.
Since graduating from Glasgow School of Art in 1992, Deirdre has pursued a parallel career in creating work for exhibition and commission and in working as an artist facilitator to various groups. Her nomadic nature and interest in communities have allowed her to develop work for exhibition and on residencies both in UK and Australia . Research, humour and craft technique contribute to projects dealing with relevant social and environmental issues whilst engaging communities in the process.