Mairi Carlton has been a long-term supporter of craft town Scotland and has displayed and sold her lovely jewellery in the WK Initiative Centre.  Mairi has watched the Barony Centre develop and was desperate to ‘get in there’ with one of her classes.

Mairi has been running off-loom bead weaving workshops for many years, having started off teaching a two-hour workshop in West Kilbride.  As people became more skilled, they began to ask for longer classes.  Mairi introduced full day workshops which grew in popularity, with numbers bolstered as a result of many requests for bead weaving talks and demonstrations from groups like the Embroiderers Guild.

Mairi’s classes are attended by between 9 and 16 crafters but Mairi has 24/30 crafters on her list.  We are delighted to say that Mairi will be running her bead weaving classes throughout the year.  Please see our event calendar for dates, and then contact Mairi direct for further details: