This weekend our ‘Maker in residence’ Angharad McLaren will limber up, get on her marks and GO for the 24 hour ‘Weavathon’; a crafting challenge inspired by the forthcoming Olympics and Commonwealth Games. The runs are over and you could call this the ‘Main Team Event’! An open invite is extended to everyone who would like to participate in assisting Angharad or perhaps just to have a little ‘nosey’ at her ‘Weavathon’ challenge. Don’t worry - no previous weaving experience is necessary, in fact you don’t even have to know what a loom looks like! Swing by and weave a thread or two, or just watch if you prefer. Angharad and other members of the community have walked, ran, jogged, tiptoed and thumped (oops) their way through West Kilbride in a great effort to combine sports with crafts and now it’s the extreme crafting part! The lovely thing about this project is the exhibition of the completed pieces in the Barony afterwards, you can pick out the stripe handwoven by you or smugly declare that your feet pounded the pattern for another!


I’m going to take the children along. When I asked them if they knew what weaving was we went through various versions of ‘waving’  followed by ‘maybe a shark mummy?’ so that’s a good enough reason for me to get them down to the Barony! There is a significant movement towards educating children in where their food comes from, we grow veg in our gardens (heck we’ve got chickens in ours) we want them to know where it all came from, how it began and how it was ‘made’ so why not our crafts? They walk on rugs, sit on cushions, wear scarfs and are surrounded by a never ending world of textiles, so why not tell them where these begin, the time, skill and creativity poured into making them? I’m quite sure mine will enjoy something new to explore and if not then a cake in the cafe will no doubt enhance their enjoyment!