Detail of Workshops at the Barony Centre, 50 Main Street, West Kilbride, KA23 9AR – Led by Ewa Kuniczak, May to June 2014.

Drawing and Painting with Fibres: One Day - Sat. May 10th (Adults only) - Cost £76

Discover the fascination of creating pictures with dry needle-felting, and then transforming them into beautiful felts through wet-felting – a great way to extend your felt-making techniques and have fun!


  • Demo: Colour blending and mixing
  • Demo: Drawing and Painterly effects with fibres
  • Practical session am = Needle-felting
  • Pm. Demo of wet-felting, followed by practical session
  • Demo: Fulling and finishing; Drying and Pressing completed pictures
  • Show and Tell – Review of work undertaken

All equipment and materials will be provided.  Students need to bring a picture, photo, or sketch that they wish to use as reference.

Min no = 6; Max no = 12

‘West Kilbride in Felt’:  One Day (2 sessions am and pm) – May 25th (Anyone interested) - No fixed fee; donation appreciated.

Come and join our planning sessions for making 2 felt panels for the Barony Centre, as a celebration of West Kilbride. Bring your ideas and images to share so that we can bring them together in designs that will form the basis of a Community Project.

No restriction on numbers attending


  • Pooling ideas and thoughts together
  • Through Collage, creating possible designs
  • Refining and simplifying ideas where necessary
  • Outcome – proposals for final designs to be prepared by Ewa in time for the Community Project weekend in June

All Materials to be provided

Participants to bring any information, images, etc. that could be useful in the planning

‘West Kilbride in Felt’ – Community Felt Panel Making: June 7th-8th  (Adults only) - No fixed fee; donation appreciated

Come and join us and help create 2 felt panels for the Barony Centre, based on ideas and designs created in the May sessions. Learn new ways for preparing and translating designs into finished felt panels under expert guidance. The methods we shall be using are tried and tested successfully over many years, which could be used in your future Group Projects.  All Materials and equipment supplied.

Max no = 4 for each panel (8 in total)

‘Felt Jewellery for Adults’: June 28th pm (1.00-4.00pm) - Cost £44

Explore the fascination of fashioning coloured woollen fibres into baubles, bangles and beads that can be linked together to make necklaces, earrings, bracelets, brooches, or wristbands and belts.

All Materials and equipment supplied

Students may like to bring their own buttons, beads and even broken bits of jewellery that could be re-invented into a new piece of jewellery

Min no = 6; max no = 12

‘Fashion Felt Accessories’:  June 29th  One Day - Cost £78

Discover new ways for creating exciting accessories to augment your wardrobe, e.g. collars, scarves, corsages, belts, etc

All Materials and equipment supplied

Students can bring any scraps of fine fabric or silk that they wish to incorporate in their projects, beads, etc

Min no = 6; Max no = 12

© Ewa Kuniczak, 2014

To book, please contact:                           or call 01294 829179

Please note: as a small, local Charity we require a 50% deposit paid in advance – however, we will refund this if insufficient numbers book for any workshops.

Detail of Workshops at the Barony Centre, 50 Main Street, West Kilbride, KA23 9AR – Led by Ann Ross, Cambusbarron, Stirling

Brief CV

I am a feltmaker and textile Tutor.  In my work I am influenced by the physicality of my surroundings. The ever-changing colours of the Scottish landscape. The moods of the mountains. Much information regarding plant dyeing has been lost and I would like to retain some of this knowledge by experimenting and enjoying the contact with the natural world and the environment while discovering the amazing link between the land and the cloth.

Dyeing with Plants: 24th May, Full-day Workshop - Costs £65.00 per person           

 Plant dyes produce an amazing diversity of rich and  complex colours as well as unexpected results.  This practical workshop gives you the opportunity to “dabble in dyes” and build up a selection of samples of both yarns and fibres.  You will learn about the plants and processes to use.                                                         From mordanting and using modifiers to produce a range of colours.  Enjoy experimenting and discover how to produce the “Colours of Scotland”.  All equipment and resources will be provided but you may like to bring along some of your own yarns and fibre.

Min. no = 6;  max. of 12 people

Fun Felt workshop for children: 14th June, Bonnie Butterflies – Cost £15 per child per session

Learn to make this exciting fabric called felt starting with the wool from the sheep.  By observing the amazing colours and patterns of butterflies you can develop your own ideas and take home something special.

2 sessions – 1st session 10am  – 12noon; 2nd session 2pm  – 4pm

Min no. = 6 each session; Max. no = 12 each session - suitable for all ages

Fun Felt workshop for children: 28th June, “Funky Felts for Kids” – Cost £20 per child per session

Come and learn some of the exciting things you can make from felt starting with the wool from the sheep.  Learn how to mix colours and develop your own ideas. Watch the amazing changes taking place as it shrinks.  Have fun making jewellery – necklaces, brooches, dragonflies and lots , lots more!

One  session 10am -12noon. Min no. = 6; max no. 12 - Suitable for all ages

To book, please contact:    or call 01294 829179