West Kilbride is fortunate to have many groups and organisations dedicated to making the town – and in some cases the world – a better place.  Transition West Kilbride is a community group of local residents aiming to create a low carbon and more sustainable future through positive change.

Craft Town Scotland was delighted to provide a venue for a recent willow-weaving workshop organized by Lynne Bates, ‘Towards Sustainable West Kilbride’,  and led by Geoff Forest, Willow Weaver and Tutor.  Geoff set up ‘Sustainable Designs, Sustainable Crafts’ to promote the use of natural materials in education and crafts.

The Barony Centre’s ‘The Robertson Trust Learning Studio’ and Masterclass suite smelled deliciously of willow, with the group engrossed in weaving throughout the day.  Geoff guaranteed everyone would leave with either a completed plant support or basket – and he was true to his word.  As the photographs show, the results of their labours were quite spectacular given this was a first attempt at willow weaving for most of the happy participants.

We are delighted to say that the group will be using the space again for a fabulous weaving or drop spindling workshop sessions on Sunday 25th March.  Weavers from the Clyde Coast Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers will guide you as you learn to warp up and get weaving. You can pick up a drop spindle and learn how to produce your own yarn from fibre.  £5 donation to cover materials. Guild members will be demonstrating spindling, weaving and wheel spinning techniques throughout the day so you come along to watch even if you don’t want to take part. The bookable sessions are either 10:30-12:30 or 13:30-15:30. Call Lynne on 822433 to book a place or email lynne@transitionwk.org

About Transition West Kilbride:

The group received funding for the project ‘Towards Sustainable West Kilbride’ through the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund which is supporting communities to tackle climate change through reducing their carbon emissions.  The project ‘Towards Sustainable West Kilbride’ based at the Eco Advice Centre has two full time and one part time project workers.

About Geoff Forrest:

Geoff grows willow, coppices local woodlands and works with a variety of artists and crafts people. Having previously worked as an occupational therapists and outdoor pursuits instructor he likes to combine the benefits of the outdoor environment with the satisfaction of learning new skills.