Year of Stories 2022

Stories, we are all living in one, and they live within us, underpinning our traditions and heritage, preserving our identities and what we value about our wonderful Scotland.

Our Programme of Exhibitions and Events is going to one of the most inclusive to date, our ambition being to link up our local communities, both younger and older generations, using every opportunity to highlight how important our story-telling traditions are in preserving our identities, values and heritage.
Through our Exhibition Programme we will be exploring how creative practices can; tell a story; preserve a story/tradition/folklore/legend; be influenced by the story behind the maker/artist; be influenced by a maker/artist’s natural environment.
Supporting Visit Scotland's Year of Stories 2022

As part of our ‘West Kilbride Stories – Part I’ the pupils of West Kilbride Primary School took part in the following projects:

P4’s learned about the West Kilbride Story of Wool, visiting Campbelton Farm and The Barony Centre, being taught the importance of sustainable sheep farming and learning what sustainable products can be made from wool.

P5’s and 6’s were taken on a journey spanning a 1000 years, learning about the Hunters of Hunterston, one of the very few Clans in Scotland residing in their original Clan Seat. The pupils learned about the discivery of the Hunterston Brooch, one of Scotland’s most significant finds, and about the Hunterston medals awarded to community activists after the World War. They were then asked to design their own medals…


P7’s learned about the West Kilbride weaving heritage and were visited by weaver Ange Sewell, textile artist Karen Teal and artist Jane Hunter.

A series of small workshops were held at the school for the pupils to create their own piece of textile art, which is now hanging in their school hallway, their very own legacy left behind as they move on to the next stage in their academic life…

‘Island Stories’ – an Exhibition celebrating stories of life on our West Coast Islands – from Bute Farming to Arran’s Machrie Moor Standing Stones, to the infamous Clearing Houses on Mull and theatrical story-telling from Cumbrae.