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West Kilbride Gets Plastered

In this project we are creating a living archive of the amazing everyday people who live, work and visit the village.

Using plaster casting of faces and hands, portrait photography and storygathering to record 500 of our local folks, we are slowly building a community public artwork in the Barony covering the stairwell in sculptures and collating photographs and stories in the ‘big book of West Kilbride’.

We want to paint a picture of the village as it is and as it lives in the memories of the people of the community – a history written but those who live here of remembered shops and favourite views, big characters and small mischief.

We plaster anyone who is nominated or volunteers and is happy to donate an hour of their time.  The process is akin to a facial with a chat.  If you would like to get involved, suggest someone to be recorded or join in yourself please message us at

If you would like to donate to help us fund the materials and printing costs of the project we would be super grateful.  This is a totally locally funded project run by volunteers from the CreativeWorks team.