Welcome to my blog! I’m Cara, one of Craft Town Scotland's guest  bloggers and general daydreamer (I write - it’s in the job spec).

Here’s where you can pass your tea break nibbling little snippets of what’s going on in Craft Town Scotland, yes that is ‘THE’ Craft Town of Scotland. We are it! We do things pretty great here on the West Coast, we have silversmiths, ceramists', textile experts, crafters of pretty things, crafters of useful things and well, you really could decorate yourself and your entire home with goodies from all our Craft Studios. We also have the amazing Barony which holds exhibitions of work from some of the UK’s top Crafters, it’s a work of art itself and a must see building alone (especially when you see what we have done with it!). There are regular events throughout the community and an exciting forthcoming program of courses, samples and development opportunities all based around Craft and Design within the Barony. Really there are hundreds of reasons to visit Craft Town Scotland and this is the place to keep up with it all, so go on subscribe, follow, tweet us, and don’t miss a thing!