Studio 86 – Frances Clark Sculpture

Warrior Goddess 1 detail

Frances Clark Sculpture

Opening Times:
Thursday- 9:30am to 3pm            Friday- 11am to 4pm
Saturday – 11am to 3pm

Please note Frances’ studio will be closed on the following dates;

10th & 11th May 2024 

20th July 2024

Work in Gallery Shop.

Using clay as my primary modelling medium, I explore my interest in both the human condition and our visceral connection to the landscape. My investigations focus on figurative sculpture, exploring our relationship with ourselves, others and the environment. Through my work I hope to explore fragmented memories of our passage through time and the landscape. I want to try to give substance to a moment or feeling that’s on the periphery of our consciousness, it’s there but elusive, we have trouble grasping it, holding on to it.

Currently my completed works are in resin, ceramic and mixed media.

Warrior Goddess 2021, stoneware, Frances Clark
Warrior Goddess 2021, stoneware, H610mm x W255mm x D180mm
Sea Foal 2021, stoneware, Frances Clark
Sea Foal 2021, stoneware, H245mm x W225mm x D72mm
Watching the Skies 2021, stoneware, Frances Clark,
Watching the Skies 2021, stoneware, H410mm x W85 mm x D144mm