Creative Works

Creative Works

CreativeWorks celebrate and share the skills of professional creatives living and working in West Kilbride.

We support West Kilbride becoming a creative Hub and the efforts of the Barony to be a focus for those activities. 

We run and support a series of local creative projects, encouraging all citizens to experience professional creative practice, share professional creative skills and networks with the local community and do our best to enable anyone to get involved in the mischief.

Our current activity is focused on getting the village plastered, sharing the everyday magic of our neighbours through microtalks, creating a West Kilbride trail and working with our younger village citizens in micromakers.

We aspire to support the growth of more creative businesses in the Village, to help more of our youngsters follow their bliss into a creative career and to have a village wide expertise in making of all kinds.

If you would like to find out more and maybe help out with Creativeworks then please send an email to the address below.